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Medical Benefits

As a sativa dominant strain, Blue Hawaiian offers a cerebral and calming high that has always been the key to its appeal. The waves of relaxation will remind you of a sunny day on a sandy beach, or paddling a surfboard around across smooth, rolling waves. Depression, stress and anxiety no longer have a place in your home. Blue Hawaiian is a breath of fresh air after a tiresome fight against depression. Blue Hawaiian is commonly employed by medical patients for relieving chronic pain, anxiety, stress as well. It is effective in treating headaches and migraines as well.


Up to 22-24% THC

Flavours:  SweetBlueberryTropical

Effects: RelaxedSleepyHappyEuphoricHungry

Medical Uses: StressPainInsomniaDepressionMuscle Spasms


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Best Blue Hawaiian

With This might be the hybrid strain of your dreams. It balances the effects of the sativa and indica lineage perfectly. Speaking of lineage, it hails from the Blueberry and Hawaiian family. Blue Hawaiian is a Jordan of the Island’s product famed for its great looking nugs and uplifting Sativa high. Created by crossing Blueberry with a Hawaiian Sativa Landrace, this strain offers a bump in energy and creativity, as well as physical and mental relaxation. While it can take a few minutes for this strain to kick in, there’s no mistaking it once it arrives.














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